2017 in pictures

via Weekly Photo Challenge

This year has been a roller coaster ride, quite bumpy but the end was quite enjoyable.

2017 has been a long year and I have a few favorite pictures that I took, some are artistically beautiful to me while others have special meanings.

Some of my favorite works include some shots that I took when I returned to my country for the holidays. The pics were taken during long walks on the beach at dawn.

Most of the other pictures were taken when I visited the scenic spots in Suzhou. I was obsessed with the reflection of trees, the sun and buildings in water and with pictures in perspective.

I mostly like to take pictures of nature. I like to look at the change in nature; the sun rising, setting down, the sun hiding, the sun blazing, …

Some photos are not necessarily the best; they maybe a bit hazy, blurry but they represent some very special moments in life.

  1. Children are fun to work with. Volunteering in February made me meet with some very nice people and I continued maintaining these relationships all throughout 2017.

2. It is winter again. It was the end of winter in January/February when I started taking photos and here we are at the start/ middle of winter. I have completed a circle of Winter-Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter, and here they are in pictures.

3. One of the major physical changes that I undertook was to cut my hair. Cutting my hair had always been a sensitive issue when I was in Mauritius because my father doesn’t like me and my sister to cut our hair. He says that long hair is so beautiful, why would you want to cut it? But I was curious. I saw my hair as being medium length actually, even if it was till my waist, because long hair to me meant till the knee, and I always wanted to know I would look and feel with short hair and I feel great. Now that I think about it and I look at older pictures of me with long hair, I realize that I looked different; I used to look younger and more innocent. Shorter hair makes me feel confident and happier I think, and it makes me look more mature.

4. I have also become more proactive and I have started to take mini steps towards standing up for myself and being part of Rotaract Suzhou helped me immensely with being myself and becoming more assertive.

This was me in 2016.


Here I am, in 2017.

WeChat Image_20171020145024



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