Break Up Poem


The smile I had on my face when I saw you
The blush on my cheeks when you said sweet things in my ears
The twinkle in my eyes when you made me laugh
The red of my lips from your kisses
Were all make up I needed

When I look at my face in the mirror now
I see the reflection of a panda
Pale-face and dark circles surrounding my eyes
Unkempt brows sticking out like a porcupine

I thought the color that your kisses brought on my lips
Suited me as well as you
Now that I am trying on new lipstick shades
I realize that these shades of lipsticks
Last longer than our relationship
And are more beautiful on me
Than what that boring red ever was

Kohl and Eyeliner
Which make my eyes
Bigger and brighter
Much brighter than what you could do

The concealer does a good job
At hiding the proof of your existence
And guess what?
They also make my eyes twinkle and shine
Unlike what you did

Now that I look at myself in the mirror
I see someone new
Someone confident
Someone able to take on the world
Someone happy


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