Perfection(2) – What is perfection?

This is part 2 of the series on the theme “Perfection”. Go read Perfection(1) if you haven’t already!

What is perfection?
A child’s knee with no bruises?
A baby’s bottom with no rashes?
Or a mother’s heart with no fear?

How do you quantify a feeling, a state or an emotion?
The logical part of me wants to rate my feelings about an experience.
But the more realistic part of me knows
That one cannot give out numbers for perfection because one cannot define perfection.

What is perfection?
Is it only a combination of traits that makes you perfect?
Does conforming really leads to the apex of happiness or success?
Am I not “good enough” to be MY definition of perfection?

Is the beginning more beautiful
Or the end?
Is a sunrise more inspiring
Or a sunset?
Is a mother’s love more important
Or a father’s love?

Censuring your body and brain,
For the pleasure of insignificant meddlers
Is the easy thing to do.
The mind enjoys going the comfortable way.
Try not to self-recriminate;
Practice contradicting the snoopers,
The ones in your head especially,
Constantly berating you for what you think
Is bad about yourself;
That you are not worth living;
That you are not perfect the way you are;
That you can be better.

Yes you can be better!
Yes you can improve!
But even if you cannot reach where you want to be
Right now,
It is okay!
Perfection is not a quantity or a quality.
It is not ephemeral.
Rather, it is an omnipresent feeling,
Of being Yourself at every moment of Your life.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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