My Favorite Season?

The wind blowing in my hair, the sun playing hide and seek with me and the trees showering me with orange and brown leaves; all these are indications that we are well into Autumn.

The crunching noise of leaves under my feet on any autumn day is so satisfying. The weather is the best to stay indoors, wrap a blanket around you, grab a book and a warm cup of coffee and lounge beside the window, while looking at the leaves fall, hearing the wind and seeing WeChat Image_20171103164700trees swinging from side to side.

I am actually on the 10th floor of my university’s library, near big windows from where I can get an overview of a canal, trees, apartment buildings, restaurants, and rows of red-colored roofs. It feels nice today. It is neither too hot nor too cold. I almost never wear appropriate clothes for the weather, I wear either too many layers or not enough; although I will disagree and say that more is never less. However, today, I wore just enough clothes not to feel too cold or too hot. I don’t have a warm cup of coffee or any warm liquid but I have room-temperature water which is fine. I also have a shawl with me, and it’s just so cozy and warm.  WeChat Image_20171103164635Surrounded by nothing but a breathtaking view, books, and my favorite songs, I am nothing but grateful for being in the moment.

Autumn also means Halloween!!! Apart from the costumes, pumpkin carvings, pumpkin soups everywhere, I love the mall decorations. They are so creative and beautiful. I love how in one of the malls, they made a smiling ghost. I found it just awesome!



Autumn also means that it will be double eleven soon. For those who don’t know, double eleven is not just the 11th of November, It is also said to be Singles’ day in China. And , there are also sales on Taobao or Tmall, which are both Alibaba websites, where you can buy stuff. Though, it is “Singles'” day, everyone celebrates it. Everyone waits for 00:01 of 11th of November just so they can buy whatever they want, before it’s sold out. They go to the product that they want and just wait for the 11th to come to press the buy button. Sometimes, there are problems with payment because the system is too overloaded. It is supposed to be the biggest sale, in the world, if I may say. The business on double eleven keeps on growing every year and it’s a craze amongst shopping lovers. The craze does not stop on the 11th. It continues for at least a week, during which the buyers will get their packages and that’s the fun part. All delivery companies have crates of packages which they have to send to the buyers. It is a very hectic week for both the shoppers and the delivery persons and companies.

It is quite humorous to see all these people happy. It’s as if they are receiving a gift which they bought for themselves.

Autumn is just a time to see people being happy, happy to be dressing up, happy to be partying, happy to buying stuff and receiving packages, and happy to be celebrating life.

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