Star-Crossed Lovers

I smelled your scent first
It was dark, musky and titillating
Then I saw you
Unique as you were
A mix of both your parents
A tinge of your father’s dark physical features
And your mother’s white and pure soul

You were not bitter like others of your kind
Instead, you made me happy
Your scent filled my senses
Your taste made me more energetic
Your presence motivated me
I could finally see and smell you everywhere

I was not insecure and jealous
when others found you attractive
Because you were mine
Just mine
I knew it and you did too
‘Cause you made me dizzy
Dizzy with love for life

Until our first fight
Which gave me a headache
Anytime after I tasted you
I would be nauseous and hurting
You were hurting me
Your presence, your love, your energy
I guess you didn’t realize that
You were too busy being consumed
You were reveling in the attention that I gave you
And you were too conceited to see
My suffering and my ill health

I had enough
Enough of your sweet talks
Enough of your sexy body
I had enough of it all


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