Capturing the moments…

I have been in China for 1 year now, well more like 8 months and I really cannot believe that I have completed my first year at university. So much has happened, from leaving the nest, my family and friends to flying 8000 miles away in an unknown country to broaden my horizons and becoming independent.

Suzhou is a city about 2 hrs from Shanghai. Suzhou, spelled ‘sujo’, is known as the Venice of the East due to its similarity to Venice in Italy. China is a country with a history and culture which dates over thousands of years and Suzhou depicts the beauty of the Chinese Culture along with the modernity of the 21st Century.

This blog will be about my experiences in Suzhou, and other cities and countries that I have visited and will visit in the future, in an attempt to engrave my memories forever in the virtual world and to enhance your knowledge.

So watch out for more of such blogs. See you soon

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